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Colour Africa’s Outdoors is a movement, community, and collection of experiences. Our goal is to diversify the community of people and families actively experiencing outdoor activities such as hiking, trail walks/runs, mountain biking, water sport and various adventure activities in nature.

We live in the most spectacularly beautiful country yet most of us have limited experience of this natural beauty. We spend much of our free time in malls, restaurants, clubs or in suburbia, which is fine until one day you realise – it’s not. Being outside is invigorating, exhilarating and grounding – all at once. You’ll reach new heights (literally), experience the most spectacular faith-affirming views and you’ll meet new people. In fact, you’ll meet yourself in a different way, and you’re guaranteed to be better for it.


To diversify and grow the South African community enjoying outdoor recreational activity. We dream of dispelling all stereotypes about culture, gender and age appropriate activity. We want to show you that outdoors is accessible and inspire you to literal action.

Rediscover Mzansi

Colour Africa's Outdoors has launched in KZN! To kickstart the movement, between November 2020 and February 2021 we're going to

Explore 100 outdoor activities in KZN.

We’re inviting you to join the fun. If you like it, try it, and tell us how it goes. 

Get outside. Explore KZN this summer.

How Will It Work?

We’ve recruited 3 gig guides who will test out

100 different outdoor activities in 100 days.


100 experiences in 100 days

We want to showcase 100 ways to get outside this summer. Our aim is to defy every stereotype there is about what type of person should do which type of activity. You’re welcome to try all 100, or pick what works for you. The point is, we’re guaranteeing there’s something for everyone.


Everyone’s invited

Who is everyone? You. Your friends, your bae, your kids. Nonke. Woza nabangani bakho!


We’ll give you options. You decide what you want to try for yourself.

We’ll profile the experiences on Instagram and our website every week. We’ll share pictures, location, and a description of fun factor, level of fitness required and suitability for kids. Ask anything you want, and we’ll answer honestly. Decide if it’s your vibe. Try it.

Upcoming Activity


The team - your gig guides

Phatho Zondi

 Doctor, mom of 2, runner, mountain biker.

Doesn’t say no to a challenge. 

Phumla Shongwe

Yoga teacher, nature enthusiast, avid hiker. 

Has always lived her life outside the box.

Khetha Cele

IT Guru, former  South African martial arts national champion, likes motor biking. 

Adrenaline junkie.

Top Picks

Hole in the wall

#26. Hole in the wall “Though we travel the world to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” …

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Everton Gorge

Get Outside. Declutter your mind. #24. A walk to clear the mind 📍Everton Gorge 🥳Fun factor: exercise is therapy and nature heals. This is exactly …

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Oct 2020

Dec 2020

Aim for 30 activities thismonth and 2 activations.

Set the stage

100 Adventures in 100 days

Nov 2020

Aim for 10 activities per week & build communitythrough social & radio media.

Jan 2021

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