1000 Hills Parkrun

📍Thousand Hills Parkrun, Bothas Hill

Taking a break from water play, we joined trailblazers @dawnnunesza and @happymangiba_dlomo to steady (and test) ourselves on solid ground this morning. Check it out 👉🏽

🥳 Fun factor: a tough but rewarding 5km. You’ll be energised by the beautiful setting of rolling hills, and draw inspiration from the knowledge that thousands of people have enjoyed a park run here before.

🏋🏾‍♀️ Fitness level required: apparently one of the tougher Parkruns in KZN, you’re in for some climbing, switch backs and hot stepping as you navigate this testing route. Beginner may want to walk it to enjoy it and intermediate/ advanced runners should be warned that you won’t do your 5km personal best on this one. Note that there is a shorter 3km route too.

👧🏽 Suitability for kids: they will enjoy open trails and lovely setting but you may want to take them on the shorter 3km route before bringing them for the 5km.

💸 Costs: R20 paid at entrance using Zapper.

🤩 What we loved most: it was TOUGH but thoroughly rewarding. The picturesque setting is what carries you through so do stop to enjoy it and snap some pics. The last 1km is a fast downhill and a chance to redeem yourself if you have a competitive edge!

🚦What you need to know: Although current restrictions don’t allow us come together as a big parkrun community, many of those routes remain open and are beckoning for you to come and enjoy them.

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