Alverstone Wildlife Park

Connection is better outside. It’s one of the reasons we strongly advocate for family adventures outdoors. Yet another hidden gem in KZN’s outer west, this 100 hectare nature reserve is home to a diverse ecosystem with various natural wildlife, a number of beautiful dams, waterfalls and a mix of magical hiking trails making for a perfect place to create memories.

🥳Fun factor: we loved the mixed terrain & openness of the landscape. Jumping rocks, racing through open fields, dipping our toes in a stream – this is how to have a good day.

🏋🏾‍♀️Fitness level: the mix of trails means there’s a range from easy and short to longer & tougher.

👧🏾 Suitability for kids: 👍🏾 we went with a 2yo and 5yo who (mostly) walked themselves.

💸Cost: min fee of R100 per car entering. Alternatively it’s calculated per head at R15 (adult) and R8 (kids under 12).

🤩 What we loved most:
– The forest is absolutely magical. It’s lush and loud with the singing of numerous insects. We actually stopped to listen to their song. It was riveting.

What the kids loved:
– 13yo: walking through the forest & breathing fresh air
– 12yo: spending time with family and my cousins
– 5yo: taking a walk & playing by the river
– 2yo: too busy playing to answer

🚦What you need to know:
– Alverstone wildlife park is privately owned so you need to call beforehand to arrange for them to open. We had the whole reserve to ourselves!
– There is no canteen so pack some snacks & water especially if you’re with kids. Our walk ended up taking a bit longer than anticipated (since we were determined to find some wild life) & by the time we were headed home, there were a few “hangry” disgruntled troopers.

In short: be intentional about bringing along the kids on some of your adventures “because little nature lovers turn into big nature lovers.”

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