Body Boarding

“The best wave of your life is still out there.” 🌊

15. Bodyboarding

📍: Marina Beach, South Coast, KZN.

🥳Fun factor: so this is how people spend hours in the water?! I finally get it. It’s a whole vibe!

👧🏾 Suitability for kids: If they can swim – yes! They’ll be in the water the WHOLE day.

💸Cost: the beach is free (of course) but a bodyboard will set you back R250 (kids) or R400 (adult size). If you’re going for brand name it will go up in price. Here’s the thing: In a beach town, you can buy a bodyboard at the local second hand shop or spaza (& for the hours of fun you’ll be glad you did it).

🤩 What we loved most:
– I finally get how people can frolic in the water for hours. I get it! You keep going back to try catch the next best wave. It’s a rush 😆
– I didn’t need to go for a formal lesson. My friend @jensdowns talked me through the basics & I was good to go. Good times!
– It’s yet another way to enjoy the beach. Not that we need any further motivation for #beachdays all summer, but there you go.

🚦Caution: it’s good for the kids, but grown ups need to be close by and keep watch especially if the water is choppy. Always use a beach with a lifeguard on-site.

In short: it’s always a good day for a beach day! Summer time is here. Seas the day! (Get it?)