Isithumba Village Walk

📍1000 Thrills, ISithumba, Ximba

One of the many strengths of our country is it’s diversity. Our responsibility as people is to understand this diversity, to learn more about our cultural differences & similarities and, in doing so, open our minds to different perspectives and experiences. Meandering through the streets & valleys of ISithumba, and engaging with members of the community was a refreshing and meaningful way to experience rural village life and revisit elements of the Zulu culture.

🥳Fun factor: village life at its best is simple and easy. There is an obvious sense of community of Ximba, evidenced by the warmth and openness of those we encountered. We walked along the river, roamed the streets, visited Induna (the local chief) & Umthandazi (a faith healer), all the while being regaled with stories about the history & culture of Iqadi village and its people.

🏋🏾‍♀️Fitness level: n/a. The local guide will adapt pace and distance to suit group.

👧🏾 Suitability for kids: yes.

💸Cost: R350pp for a 3hour guided tour. Enquire @1000thrills or @greencorridors for customised packages and specials.

🤩 What we loved most:
– We really enjoy this type of active learning. Digesting culture& history while walking, talking, observing and asking questions is energising and uplifting.
– The two highlights were definitely the visit to Induna where we chatted to the son of the recently deceased Chief, and also the visit to Umthandazi, who shared openly about his calling and his journey, and freely answered our questions.

🚦 What you need to know: we all need to know a bit more about South Africa’s different cultures, starting with one’s own culture. We know there are many ways to do this, so we’ll continue this journey of active learning & we’d love to take you with us 🫂

📸 of Umthandazi courtesy of @dbntourism – we were far too absorbed & realised later that we missed our chance🙈