Oribi Gorge Suspension Bridge and Hike

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

#18. Suspension bridge and 4km hike

📍Oribi Gorge, South Coast, KZN.

What a rush!!!! Part 1 of our Oribi Gorge experience had us braving the suspension bridge (oh my heart!) to take a 4km hike that climaxes at a rock overhang.

🥳Fun factor: so much so that we soldiered through drizzle & stayed long after official closing time 🙊.

🏋🏾‍♀️Fitness level: You need to be able to climb up and down ropes (see highlight #18) & and manoeuvre your way under low hanging rocks to get to the view point. You don’t need you to be super fit but you do need to be somewhat agile.

👧🏽 Suitability for Kids: You could take them on the hike but some may not feel comfortable with the suspension bridge and walking along cliff edges. So, in fairness, this one probably isn’t for the very little ones, but those over 6yo may be okay (depending on the child).

💸Cost: R25 covers the hike, suspension bridge and the absolutely breathtaking views. All other activities are an additional cost so check online or call to be sure.

🤩 What we loved most:
– The rush! Don’t underestimate the suspension bridge.
– The hike. Characterized by twists, dips and rope climbing, it made for a great short adventure.
– The views. My word, the views!

🚦what you need to know:
– For some of the hike you’re walking close to the edge of a cliff with no safety barrier. Please be very careful especially if you have children with you.
– If you have a fear of heights this will definitely push the edge for you.

In short: it’s not overrated. Do yourself a favour and go experience these spectacular views.

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