Oribi Gorge Wild Swing

Take a leap of faith!

#19. Wild Swing – The local version of bungee jumping.

📍Oribi Gorge, South Coast, KZN.

Part 2 of our Oribi Gorge experience took us off the edge of a cliff – literally! This one is for the thrill seekers wanting an adrenaline rush. 👉🏽 check out Instagram highlight #19 for the free falling live videos.

🥳Fun factor: tjo! How do you define fun? A rush – yes. Worth the jump – YES!!! I’ll do it every day – not sure.

🏋🏾‍♀️Fitness level: n/a. You just need guts. Isibindi.

👧🏽 Suitability for Kids: that’s a firm No.

💸Cost: R695 for the ultimate adrenaline rush 🤪

🤩 What we loved most:
– They advertise it as the ultimate rush and it is.
– There’s something very liberating and immersive about being suspended in air in a beautifully picturesque landscape.

🚦what you need to know:
Jumping off a cliff isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay.

In short: I thought I’d missed my gap to do the bungee jump thing and I was okay with it (seriously). But then came along Colour The Trails. How do you tell people to be adventurous when you aren’t willing to do that one thing that scares you? You don’t. So thank you to our growing community for giving me the courage to take a literal & figurative leap of faith 😁