Scuba Diving

KwaZulu Natal’s northern coastline is known internationally for its diverse indo-pacific marine life and resplendent diving conditions. Today’s highlight is a young #throwback to a few weeks ago when we traveled up the coast to go try it for ourselves. We tagged in licensed diver @el_shebah to #colourthetrails

📍Manzengwenya, Northern KZN

🥳Fun factor: We specifically chose this destination for the diving & it didn’t disappoint. It was spectacular.

🏋🏾‍♀️Fitness level: n/a – however one does need to get certified.

👧🏾 Suitability for kids: kids as young as 10 can get certified.

💸Cost: There’ll be the once off cost to get certified and then diving cost each time which is variable according to site.

🤩 What we loved most:
– There’s a good reason divers travel from around the globe to KZN’s coral reefs. These unspoilt reefs are home to more 1200 different species of fish and home to various invertebrates, turtles, rays & sharks. It’s undeniably beautiful.

🚦What you need to know: This isn’t a pitch & play type of activity. Unfortunately (or fortunately – #safetyfirst), one first needs to get trained & certified to become an underwater explorer. The training ensures that you understand the various safety considerations when diving & are suitably upskilled to safely enjoy the experience. It’s well worth it – there is so much life beneath the surface & scuba diving enables one to fully immerse themselves & relish it.

For more info on scuba diving courses in South Africa 👉🏽

In short: It’s a different and captivating world under water. The abundance of life in this ecosystem makes one acutely aware that we are each a tiny part of a very big & beautiful puzzle.

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