#2: Supping

Sup-what? Supping. It’s a thing. An amazingly fun thing also known as standup paddle boarding.

📍 @xpressiondurban – South Beach, EThekwini Municipality.

Fun Factor: Super cool!

Level of fitness required: beginner. S’tru 🤞🏾

Suitability for kids: Yes! And the younger kids (<6) can also join you by sitting on the board while you sup. How cool is that?
Cost: R150pp (for the Wed/Sat group sessions) to R300pp (private lessons)

🤩 What we loved most:
1. There’s something about the ocean that stirs the heart & soothes the soul. You come away feeling calmer, grounded and more alive.
2. You don’t need mad swimming skills to join the fun. Know how to float? Then woza! We were so pleasantly surprised at how safe we felt on the board. It’s got you covered. For real.
3. It brought out the Moana in me. I felt ready to sail across the ocean, make big decisions, take risks & overcome any challenge in my path! Yup. It’s got an empowering vibe this supping thing. It makes you feel strong!

🚦 Caution: remember to wear sunblock!

On the plus: if you’re wary of the ocean & elements, they also do lessons in the canal which is shallower and calmer.

In summary – I’m coming back with the family, and friends, and maybe I’ll even suggest it as a team builder at work. It’s a YES 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Check it out 👉🏽