Thompson’s Beach Tidal Pool

25. Thompson’s Beach Tidal Pool

📍Thompson’s beach, salt rock.

🥳Fun factor: it’s beautiful out here!!! A great place to do laps if you’re training for any open water event or if that’s just your general vibe. I wasn’t planning on doing laps but curiosity (and competitiveness) got the best of me. A few laps later I was buzzing (& tired).

🏋🏾‍♀️Fitness level: depends what you want to do in the pool. If you’re planning on doing laps – manage your ego and expectations. It’s a looooooong lap! For those of you who prefer frolicking over freestyle – no problem. It’s the perfect place for that too.

👧🏾 Suitability for Kids: A giant sized swimming pool at the beach? Of course they’ll love it! Play it safe and make sure that they are water safe, or get inside with them if you prefer.

💸Cost: Free. Nada. Mahala!

🤩 What we loved most:
– this beats swimming at the gym any day. The sound and sight of the ocean is meditative, the backdrop is made for Insta, and it’s just darn lovely.
– you don’t have to swim laps to enjoy this tidal pool. In most parts, it’s shallow enough to sit and let the gentle waves wash over you while the ocean works it’s magic on your mood.
– the fact that it’s mahala. We LOVE that! It’s great to be able to go out for a good time and not have to fork out money – #justsaying #truestory

🚦 What you need to know: Don’t think you’ll do the same number of laps as you do at the gym. It’s a loooooon lap!

In short: it’s a great alternative to an indoor pool if your vibe is swimming laps (and if you’re training for @midmarmile ). We love that it’s good for kids too and that, being on the beach, well…you may as well make it a beach day. There’s also another spectacular highlight of this spot, but it’s so good it deserves its very own post – coming up next!