Trail walk at Giba Gorge

Trail run/walk

📍 @gibagorge , Pinetown, KZN.

There’s so much to do here, we knew we’d be back for more. And every single time, we’re glad to have come.

🥳Fun factor: We’re back again (and again). That should tell you enough.
🏋🏾‍♀️Fitness level required: Come as you are. We did a short 5.5km and it’s a route that everyone can enjoy – kids and gogos included.
👧🏾 Suitability for kids: Yebo! And they might even spot a tortoise.
💸Cost: Trail runner R45, other trail activities R25
(MTB riding has different fees applicable. See activity #1.)

What we loved most:
– We’re not trail runners but this blue route is a great introductory route for all levels. It’s beautiful in scenery, with shade to protect you from sun (or drizzle). It’ll will get your heat rate up but won’t have you heaving for breath. We finished the walk feeling good and wanting more. And that’s how how it should be done.
– The inclusiveness of the venue. There’s something for everyone. Although we did the short blue route, there are longer, tougher routes for those who want to push themselves.
– Tortoise spotting! And that’s just the start. The sounds of birds chirping will have curious about bird spotting as a pastime (cabanga!)

🚦caution: Blow caution to the wind! Nothing to be worried about here. This one is for everyone.

In short: we love Giba for the variety of outdoor offerings. It’s a great date venue (#couplegoals), family venue (#familygoals), and the kind of place you and the bestie will love because you can stay and chat all day here (after the hike there’s a restaurant that sells a variety of…refreshments). We did a mountain bike ride as activity #1 and now a walk along the blue trail as #8. There’s even more – but you best go explore yourself.

Check it out 👉🏽